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Thanks for visiting my page!

Watches have held my interest for as long as I can remember - purchasing my first automatic some 15 years ago!

As a mechanical engineer, automatic / mechanical watches have always been fascinating to me, effectively tiny engines on your wrist, beautifully displaying the time.

As my appreciation for watches grew, and awareness of the immense selection of available microbrands, I thought, why not add one more?

After a several years of slowly buying tools and pondering moving forward, I was introduced to the Seiko modding world and I haven't looked back!

At the moment, I am a one man show providing custom full builds but also modification services for major Seiko based models (SKX, Turtle, etc.). I source aftermarket parts from popular vendors such as Namoki Mods, DLW Watches, WR Watches, and more. I do this in my free time, as I do work full time. 

It's been a blast so far; see the modifications page to get started on your custom project! 

black turtle
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